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who we are

The Spectacles are a Seattle-based trio singing a cappella Americana & miscellanea. The group was formed in 2017 by three friends who wanted to sing some songs in English. They had sung together (and still do!) in Dunava, a Balkan women’s choir. In 2020 they were joined by another friend making this a trio of four in the great tradition of Douglas Adams’s Hitchhikers trilogy of five. The pandemic of 2020 has hit all singing groups hard, as rehearsal is relegated to the arena of the laggy online video conference, and performance isn’t safe yet. But we continue to learn new songs and add videos to our channels — remotely, wistfully — awaiting that lovely day when we can sing together again.

  • Hila Lenz

    She's Amazing!
    She gets all the hard parts right.

  • Jen Morris

    She's the cat's meow!
    She can sing some very low notes.

  • Jenny Sapora

    She's dotty!
    She arranges many of our songs.

  • Amanda Martin

    She's the tops!
    She makes high notes seem effortless.

  • Dr Specs
    songs we sing
    • Gold Mine in the Sky

      by Charles Kenny & Nick Kenny, 1938
      Joey MacKenzie arrangement for the Quebe Sisters

    • Housewife's Lament

      Eliza Sproat Turner poem, 1872
      Anne Hills & Cindy Mangsen arrangement

    • I'll See You in C U B A

      by Irving Berlin, 1920
      Hila Lenz arrangement after the Any Old Time String Band

    • If I Were (Kermit's Minstrel Song)

      by Stephen Lawrence & David Axlerod, 1982
      Hila Lenz & Jenny Sapora arrangement

    • Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

      by Harold Arlen & Ted Koehler, 1932
      Jenny Sapora arrangement after the Boswell Sisters

    • ING

      by the Roches, 1992
      Jenny Sapora arrangement and alternate lyrics

    • Tonight You Belong to Me

      by Billy Rose & Lee David, 1926
      Jenny Sapora arrangement after Patience & Prudence

    • Rice Krispies

      by Alan Kent & Austen Herbert Croom-Johnson, 1950s
      Jenny Sapora arrangement

    • Hold Tight

      by Leonard Ware, Willie Spottswood, George Robinson, 1938
      Jenny Sapora arrangement after the Andrews Sisters

    • O Vreneli

      summer camp favorite from 1950s
      Jenny Sapora arrangement & new lyrics

    • Sing All Ye Joyful

      JRR Tolkien poem, 1937, Kirke Mechem music
      Jenny Sapora arrangement

    • Nevertheless

      by Bert Kalmar & Harry Ruby, 1931
      Hila Lenz arrangement after the Andrews Sisters

    • Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

      by Don Raye & Hughie Prince, 1941
      Jenny Sapora arrangement after the Andrews Sisters

    • Our Father

      by Susan Werner, 2007
      Jenny Sapora arrangement

    • It's a Sin to Tell a Lie

      by Billy Mayhew, 1936
      Jenny Sapora arrangement & alternate lyrics

    • Where Oh Where Are You Tonight?

      by Marian B Yearneall & Bix Reichner, 1953
      Jenny Sapora arrangement after Hee Haw

    • Are You Lonesome Tonight?

      by Roy Turk & Lou Handman, 1926
      Jenny Sapora arrangement

    • Career Counseling 101 (Don't)

      by Susan Werner, 2014
      Jenny Sapora arrangement

    • And Your Bird Can Sing

      by John Lennon & Paul McCartney, 1966
      Hila Lenz arrangement

    • Detour

      by Paul Westmoreland, 1945
      Hila Lenz arrangement

    • The Wax Museum

      Kathleen Turner words, music credit unknown, 1984
      Jenny Sapora arrangement & alternate lyrics

    • La Vie en Rose

      words by Édith Piaf, music by Louiguy, 1945
      Jenny Sapora arrangement

    • Rufus Xavier Sassparilla

      words by Kathy Mandary, music by Bob Dorough, 1976
      Jenny Sapora arrangement

    • Destination Moon

      by Marvin Fisher & Roy Alfred, 1951
      Hila Lenz arrangement

    • Hungarian Dance 19

      by Johannes Brahms, 1873
      Jenny Sapora arrangement

    • Brylcreem

      by Hanley Norins, 1950s
      Jenny Sapora arrangement

    • Dr. Specs

      words by Jenny Sapora, music by Paul Westmoreland, 2019
      Hila Lenz arrangement

    • Happy Birthday, Iván Fischer

      by Iván Fischer, 2016
      Jenny Sapora arrangement

    • Great & Groovy

      by Jenny Sapora, 1996
      Jenny Sapora arrangement

    • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

      by Wallace Willis, 1840
      Louise Marshall arrangement

    • Sweet Irene the Disco Queen

      by Christine Lavin, 1985
      Jenny Sapora arrangement

    • Bread & Roses

      words by James Oppenheim, 1911, music by Caroline Kohlsaat/Mimi Fariña
      Brivele arrangement

    • I Will

      by John Lennon & Paul McCartney, 1968
      Robert Isaacs & Jenny Sapora arrangement

    • Nathan's Song

      words by Nathan, age 3, music by Hila Lenz, 2020
      Hila Lenz arrangement

    • To Be There

      by Susan Werner, 2020
      Jenny Sapora arrangement

    upcoming events

    check back when there's a vaccine!

    past events
    • Giant Leap (leap year concert)

      U District, Seattle, WA
      Sunday 1 March 2020

    • House Concert (HL)

      West Seattle, WA
      Friday 7 February 2020

    • House Concert for AM & RI

      Phinney Ridge, Seattle, WA
      Friday 10 January 2020

    • G & R's wedding (private party)

      Mercer Island, WA
      Saturday 19 October 2019

    • Muhabbet (alongside Josh Lanza & House of Tarab)

      Café Paloma, Downtown Seattle, WA
      Saturday 12 October 2019

    • An Evening of Three Part Harmony with Brivele

      Ballard, Seattle, WA
      Monday 12 August 2019

    • The Spectacles on Tour / Heat Wave Concert

      Boise, Idaho
      Sunday 14 July 2019

    • The Spectacles at Copious

      Ballard, Seattle, WA
      Sunday 7 July 2019

    • Northwest Folklife Festival, Seattle Center Theater

      Mind-Blowing Harmonies Showcase
      Monday 27 May 2019

    • Love Life / Copious Love Productions

      Ballard, Seattle, WA
      Tuesday 12 March 2019

    • Copious Art Open Mic

      Ballard, Seattle, WA
      Sunday 3 February 2019

    • C & P Coffee House Open Mic

      West Seattle, WA
      Thursday 13 September 2018

    • Narrows Glen

      Tacoma, WA
      Friday 18 May 2018

    • House Concert (HL)

      West Seattle, WA
      Wednesday 9 May 2018

    • House Concert (JS)

      West Seattle, WA
      Wednesday 11 April 2018

    • House Concert (JM)

      Phinney Ridge, Seattle, WA
      Wednesday April 2018

    Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
    contact us

    You're welcome to send us an email. Ask about hiring us to perform, request to be added to our email list, or just drop us a line about any old thing. Please note that if you request to be added to our mailing list, we will only use your email address to very occasionally notify you of upcoming events.